2017 Joby GorillaPods

The name heading the lists of photographers' best-loved tabletop tripods multiple times is that of Joby Gorrillapod!


Shoulderpod Professional Smartphone Rigs

Journalism has evolved from a pen & paper for note taking to a fully inclusive multimedia profession that requires sound, video, & instant communications.  The biggest problem till now has…


Leica TL2

The new Leica TL2 ($1,950) demonstrates how well the German camera maker upgrades their legendary photographic equipment.  While still sharing the same basic design as the original T, the TL2 is…


TriLens Holster

Every professional photographer has experienced the problem of keeping up with multiple lenses and having to switch them out quickly as needed.  Swedish startup Frii Designs has developed a belt-worn…

Holiday 2017


Vehicles of Mad Max: Fury Road

The Mad Max franchise of movies has always offered custom vehicle creation a chance to shine.  As the Road Warrior futuristic combat cars grew in number, more talented builders were…


Hasselblad X1D-50C 4116 Edition Camera

In celebration of seventy-five years of excellence in creating some of the best cameras in the world, Hasselblad Cameras is looking once again at the innovative designs of founder Victor…


Kodak Ektra Smartphone

Since finally getting into the manufacture of smartphones last year with the IM5, Kodak, the famous film and camera giant, has followed up with a smartphone that hearkens back to…


ALPA 12SWA Anniversary Edition Camera

To celebrate 70 years of making legendary 35 mm high-end photographic tools, Swiss company ALPA is releasing the 12SWA Anniversary Edition Camera ($TBA), presented in an extremely limited run. A tribute to…


Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens

With the creation of the first successful achromatic lens added to the newly developed Daguerreotype camera, photography leapt into being in 1839.  Now, nearly two hundred years later, that original…



‘America’ Photography Book by Peter Lik

A breathtaking collection of fine art photography, ‘America’ by Peter Lik ($95) displays the raw, natural beauty that has captivated the renowned Australian photographer since he first stepped foot on…

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