Blank Forces Titanium EDC Ink Pens

Despite the prevalence of digital everything in our society, Californian pen maker Blank Forces realizes that the need for a good ink pen still manifests daily.  To fill this oft-forgotten…


Cognac Fountain Pen

Poland-based collector’s club Wealth Solutions has recently teamed up with the Italian luxury lifestyle manufacturer Montegrappa to create a collectible that is not only beautiful but practical as well –…


Ystudio Fountain Pen

Taiwanese design firm “Ystudio” believes in looking to the past for inspiration to make fine artifacts for the future.  Their elegant Ystudio Fountain Pen ($150) is clear example of that philosophy.…


Quotidian Magnet Propulsion Pen

The Quotidian Pen ($60) is made to give even the worse fidgeter or tapper an experience they won’t soon forget.  Boasting a very sleek, minimalistic design, this pen accentuates the no-frills purpose of…

Holiday 2017


Ti Arto Pen

Back in 2012, BIGiDESIGN introduced the world’s first solid Titanium pen, compatible with 30+ different refills.  Now, the pen wizards are back with what might be the last writing tool…

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