Sparkr Mini Plasma Lighter 2.0

The Sparkr Mini Plasma Lighter 2.0 is a fuel-free lighter that works on an electric charge. It is windproof, flameless, and uses plasma to light a fire.


Knnox Lighter

The designers from Knnox created a remarkable product that stands out from the rest. The London-based company takes the humble lighter and re-engineered it to hopefully last a lifetime. Unlike conventional models that produce their flame in an upright position, the unique design allows owners to use it sideways.


Flame Art Soaring Swallow Zippo Lighter

Canadian artist Steven Spazuk works in a very distinctive medium to create hyper-realistic, dream-like drawings.  Called “The Fire Artist,” the man’s fumage technique utilizes fire to create the base for his…


Sparkr Fire & Light Tools

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Power Practical has dedicated itself to developing innovative, inexpensive, and effective energy products.  With six successful products already under their belt, including the award…

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