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Top 16 Winter Jackets For Men

With the cold comes the need to wrap up warm every day until the chill passes. That said, you should invest in one of the best winter jackets for men. With one, you can enjoy the cold in a warmer way.

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Top 20 Shirt Jackets For Men

A fantastic new trend we're loving here at Men's Gear is the shirt jacket. There are a lot of awful styles out there, so check our our list of the best shirt jackets for men.


Shangri-La ‘Cafe Racer’ Jacket

Made for bikers, rockers and gentlemen alike, the ‘Cafe Racer’ Jacket by Shangri-La Heritage is a sturdily-made, stylish piece of attire. Inspired by late 70s Racing jackets, the ‘Cafe Racer’…


AMABILIS Responder Tactical Outerwear

For 25-years, Brian Abrams imagined and improved apparel and gear for Navy SEALS, Special Forces, Army Rangers, Marine RECON and military and tactical gear abusers. Now, his AMABILIS Responder Tactical Outerwear…


Taylor Stitch Project Jacket

In keeping with their mission statement of creating clothes that are both functional and stylish, Taylor Stitch of San Francisco, California have launched another example of apparel that blends seamlessly…



Steven McQueen was Mr. Hollywood cool, one of those actors who exuded something that can only be described as “it,” he had effortless charm and was an inspiration to the…

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