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Top 20 iPhone XR Cases

Do you have a shiny new iPhone XR you'd like to protect from damage? Keep it safe with one of the hottest XR cases online today by browsing our list of the top 20.

iPhone XS Max Cases

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Top 25 iPhone XS Max Cases

Sick of reading texts through a shattered screen? iPhone XS Max cases will make sure your iPhone isn't damaged when accidents occur. Your shiny new device is worth protecting well!


Moment Anamorphic Smartphone Lens

Designed for filmmakers, the Moment Anamorphic Smartphone Lens let you capture extra-wide images with streaking flares for a pro-level, cinematic look like the one you see in blockbuster movies. The…


Freefly Movi iPhone Gimbal

As smartphones developed, we came to a certain generational stage of technology where their photo and video shooting quality is on par with professional cameras. Only one piece of the…


Moment iPhone 7 Photo Cases

Moment vastly improved the art of iPhone photography with the introduction of their various smartphone camera lenses, and now with the release of the new iPhone 7, the Seattle-based company…


Ampware Hand Crank Case

You can find a variety of smartphone power cases on the market today, but they all require either a wall plug, or to be placed in direct sunlight for a half of day.…


Giveaway: Advent iPhone 6 Titanium Case

As a thank you to our readers, we’re giving away this iPhone 6 Titanium Bumper Case (worth a crazy $ 1,000!)  One lucky person will receive the Advent Mechanically Textured Edition, which is limited…



At first look, you may think this camera is a  Leica, but in reality, this is an iPhone case. The Gazmon ICA ($70) is made from 32 separate pieces giving…



At times it can get tricky getting your key in the keyhole when you’re drunk, but I’ll have to say connecting your smartphone and charger in the dark can get trickier, at…

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