Le Koroc Houseboat

Built by Quebec’s Daigno, Le Koroc is the ultimate houseboat for adventurous fishermen. The floating tiny house measures only 26 x 8.6 ft but it’s full-packed with clever features, providing…


Nautic Living Electric HouseBoats

Nautic Living is a German manufacturer specializing in floating houses that use electric engines and solar energy. Using hulls that create very little drag, which means less energy required to…


Modul GO Houseboat Concept

It’s just a concept for now but if it comes to market, the Modul GO Houseboat could be a game-changing and inexpensive (kinda) solution for life on the water. Envisioned…


Bluefield Houseboats

Working out of Northern Ireland, Bluefield Houseboats have unleashed their first model ($274,000), a single-story, comfortable floating home of 500 square feet.  The compact design includes two bedrooms, the master with ensuite…


Waterlovt Houseboat

With the conception of the Waterlovt Houseboat ($Inquire), Dutch designer and entrepreneur Berend Lens van Rijn has created the ideal luxury apartment on water (The Floating Seahorse is another one).…


Nautilus Houseboats

The Nautilus Houseboats (106,000+) are modern-looking, floating living spaces, that come with various equipment options and floor plans, so that clients can customize them according to wishes and budgets.  They also…


The Floating Seahorse

Many fantasize about living close to marine life, and soon a few privileged ones will be able to make that dream come true by owning a Floating Seahorse.  This mind-blowing…

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