Santa Monica Proper Hotel

Discover a lavish and exciting stay at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel the next time you're in Los Angeles. It features 271 rooms, three dining facilities, and a rooftop pool.


Punta Sirena Hotel

In case you’re bound to Chile for your next vacation, the quaint little beachfront Punta Sirena is the hotel to beat.


Tourists Hotel

The quaint and intimate Tourists Hotel is like the roadside lodges you see in films. Except it’s affixed with modernities that elevate nostalgic appeal.


Truck Surf Hotel

The Truck Surf Hotel is an innovative mobile accommodation that offers the best views surrounded by nature, in rural tourism farms and natural camping parks. This hotel on wheels is…


Origin Treehouse Hotel

Constructed around a 100-year-old oak tree in Raray, France, the Origin Treehouse was created as a functional and comfortable hotel room that offers an intimate connection with nature and stunning treetop…


Naked Stables Resort

Stretched out along the hillside of a secluded valley at the foot of the Moganshan Mountain is the Naked Stables Resort ($300/night).  This idyllic 121-room resort is the first in China…


The 7th Room Treehotel

Norwegian architectural and design firm, Snøhetta, has just completed the picturesque 7th Room Treehotel  ($1,340/night) in northern Sweden.  While modeled on a traditional Nordic cabin, the 7th Room is anything but…

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