dB Customs 1982 Honda Evolution

Canada’s one-man shop Darren Begg Customs specializes in resto modified motorcycles. He turns 70’s and 80’s classics into powerhouses with modern handling and braking, while staying true to the original…


K-Speed Honda Super Cub Scrambler

The K-Speed Honda Super Cub Scrambler is one of the most unusual and funkiest mopeds we’ve ever seen. And yes, it’s a real working model, not a concept. Commissioned by…


Shanghai Customs Honda eCub2

We had a first look at their awesome prototype last year, and now Shanghai Customs’ retro Honda eCub2 scooter is finally ready for production. Powered by a 1000W electric motor…


Honda 3E-D18 Robotic Workhorse

The Honda 3E-D18 is an autonomous pack mule that will be useful for a variety of mundane tasks such as carrying goods, plowing snow and performing farming duties. This AI…


2018 Honda Super Cub

Debuted in 1958, the Super Cub has become an iconic presence with its simple no-nonsense urban look and practicality. This month, the commuter motor scooter has reached the 100 million…


Honda Urban EV Concept

Honda has put a lot of effort into their hybrid automobiles, somewhat to the detriment of dedicating designs for an all-electric vehicle. That seems to have changed with their new…


Shanghai Customs Honda eCub

As China’s population nears the 1.5 million mark, it has begun pushing the idea of electric bikes in their cities as a means to reduce pollution.  Helping create this paradigm…

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