Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000 Headphones

Japan’s Audio-Technica has just replaced their flagship cans with an even greater and more technically superior headphone.  Rather than building upon an older design, the Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000 Headphones ($1,999) have been…


Even H2 Wireless Headphones

With headphone manufacturers relying on technological advances to stay ahead of the competition, Israeli-based startup EVEN has just introduced their new Bluetooth headphones that use an interactive software app to…


Luzli ROLLER MK01 Headphones

Anyone who likes their music on the go has to decide whether they want quality sound like you get from over the ear headphones or if you want to go…


ORA GQ Graphene Headphones

At the heart of the new headphones created by Canadian startup company ORA, is an astounding use for the relatively new carbon-based material graphene.  At 200 times the strength of…


Blue Satellite Headphones

Electronics company Blue has just released a new set of wireless noise-cancellation headphones that take mobile sound to a new experience level.  Unlike other cans, the Blue Satellite Headphones ($400)…


Monitor Bluetooth Marshall Headphones

With fifty years experience delivering superb sound through their quality headphones, Marshall has continued to evolve with technology to produce iconic headsets that can handle all the new tech can…


u-Jays Wireless Headphones

New from the Swedish audio developer Jays AB is a wireless follow-up to last year’s wired over-ear headphones.  The u-Jays Wireless Headphones ($179) hook up with your device via Bluetooth 4.1…


Earin M-2 Earbuds

Earin, the audio startup that introduced totally wireless earbuds, has taken the feedback from their M1 model and have created a new series, the Earin M-2 ($TBA), with more feature and…

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