Aivan Korvaa Headphones

Once the technology flaunted by the Aivan Korvaa headphones advances in the future, we can possibly say goodbye to plastics for good.


Marshall Mid A.N.C. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Renowned amp maker Marshall has just introduced its first active noise canceling headphones. Mid A.N.C. mixes superior audio with modern technology in the brand’s iconic rock’n’roll package. Packing custom-tuned, 40…


Audeze Mobius 3D Audio Headphones

The Mobius 3D Audio Headphones by Audeze promise to change the way people experience games and movies. Optimized for the way your brain processes sound, the wireless cans deliver fully…


Sony Splash-Proof Wireless Earbuds

Sony is upping the game against Apple with their WF-SP700N splash-proof workout earbud set, which the brand calls “truly wireless.” Indeed, these earbuds are not tethered by any wires. Each…


Meters OV-1B Wireless Headphones

The Meters OV-1B Wireless Headphones do something no other cans can do: they pack classic VU meters that react in real time to the music you’re listening to. In addition…


Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amplifier

If you have a pair of audiophile-grade headphones without an accompanying amplifier, what are you still waiting for? You cannot count on the integrated motherboard sound system, no matter how…


EOZ Air Wireless Earphones

Combining premium design and high-end features, the EOZ Air Wireless Earphones have won many plaudits from audiophiles. Have a look at their massively successful Indiegogo campaign (2626% funded!) and you’ll…

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