Asus ROG Gaming Phone

It seems gaming phones are a hot thing now, and Asus is in for a piece of the pie. They’ve just announced a powerhouse of a smartphone that sets the…


HP Omen 15 Gaming Laptop

Arriving with a slimmer case, thinner screen bezel, and even more power than its predecessor, the new HP Omen 15 Laptop is a strong contender in the gaming laptop arena.…


2018 Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

Gaming hardware & software company Razer has just launched its 2018 Blade Gaming Laptop, a revamped model that’s not only full-packed with high-performing specs, it’s also claimed to be the…


Audeze Mobius 3D Audio Headphones

The Mobius 3D Audio Headphones by Audeze promise to change the way people experience games and movies. Optimized for the way your brain processes sound, the wireless cans deliver fully…


Lexip 3D Gaming Mouse With Joysticks

“The most accurate and versatile gaming mouse ever,” the Lexip has two integrated joysticks allowing you to combine maneuvers, access load-outs, and control your character like never before! Besides the…


Razer Nommo Pro Speakers

Razer’s recently-released Nommo Pro Speakers are a serious set of audio hardware created to deliver high-fidelity audio for gaming. The stunning speakers come with silk dome tweeters, 3-inch drivers coated…


Love Hulten Cary42 Console

Love Hulten has created quite a reputation making very limited, vintage-inspired, portable gaming consoles that sell like hotcakes. Showcasing the same high level of craftsmanship this one-man shop has gotten…


Razer Phone

Razer is renown for their gaming hardware, software, and systems. Now they have expanded their quality line of gaming devices to include an all-new Razer Phone featuring technology especially made…

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