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Love Hulten Cary42 Console

Love Hulten has created quite a reputation making very limited, vintage-inspired, portable gaming consoles that sell like hotcakes. Showcasing the same high level of craftsmanship this one-man shop has gotten…


Commodore 64 Mini

With the growing popularity of mini versions of classic gaming systems, it’s a pleasant taste of nostalgia to see that Retro Games Ltd. has launched a mini version of the…


Datorbox Gaming Console

From the hands of Swedish artist and craftsman Love Hultén comes the Datorbox Gaming Console  ($2,100), a very compact desktop system.  While the Datorbox is small, only 12″ x 9.5″…


TOAST Playstation 4 Wood Skins

Your new Sony PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro probably looks very good sitting in the middle of your gaming space but still the plastic covers make it look like, well,…

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