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Top 9 Underwater Drones

Live out your wildest underwater exploration dreams by diving headlong into our wonderful world of the coolest underwater drones, where the future means the ocean.


Titan Underwater Drone

Touted as “the deepest diving underwater drone,” Titan can withstand depths of up to 492 feet! Thanks to its built-in 4K UHD camera with 8MP and 160° ultra-wide angle lens,…


DroneGun Tactical

While most drones are usually employed for making our lives easier and for recreational purposes, controlled by the wrong hands they can become privacy-invasive, with some even being used for…


DJI Mavic Air

Claimed to be their best consumer drone yet, the Mavic Air from DJI is a highly-portable camera drone that offers high performance and smart features. The drone is for the traveler…


DJI Zenmuse X7 Drone Camera

The greatest problem at the moment with shooting movie quality images from a drone is that the existing cameras seldom have the necessary resolution nor are they equipped to carry…


Aire Self-Flying Robot

Aevena Robotics has created the world's first aerial robotic assistant for personal home use. The Aire is a self-flying robot security camera that lets you keep an eye on things while you're away, but it also packs other tricks up its sleeve.


Splash Drone 3

As drones grow in popularity and usefulness they are increasingly being designed for specialized tasks. Case in point, the amphibious Splash Drone 3 ($1,149), so water-resistant it can even land on…


Volocopter 2 Air Taxi

It was just a year ago that German engineering company e-volo launched their first 18-rotor, all-electric Volocopter with a live human onboard.  Now, they have used the lessons learned from…


Gladius Ultra HD Underwater Drone

Right alongside the conquest of the immediate skies with aerial drones, the exploration of the sea has seen its fair share of curious remote explorers.  The new Gladius Ultra HD…


Pouncer | Disaster-Aid Delivery Drone

Aeronautical engineer and company founder of Windhorse Aerospace, Nigel Gifford, has drawn on his experience designing feeding programs for the British Armed Services to develop a much safer and more…

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