Sharp Pebble Whetstone

If you don’t have a good whetstone in your kitchen yet, we recommend you get one. Your chef’s knives will surely appreciate it. A good option is the Sharp Pebble…


BioLite FirePit

With over ten years experience developing better off-grid energy products, New York City-based BioLite has developed a portable fire pit that burns its fuel so effectively it claims to be…


Napoleon TQ285X-BL Portable Propane Grill

Canada’s Napoleon Grills has a portable option for their award-winning TravelQ 285 gas grill that makes outdoor cooking on-the-go a delight.  The Napoleon TQ285X-BL Grill ($300) is a heavy-duty folding scissor cart that…


Hub Grill

For chef-level grilling, you need solid equipment and Australia’s Shriro, makers of the Everdure line of products, think they’ve just invented the “best thing that ever happened to barbeques.”  Made…


Forager Bike

England’s Sven Cycles are masters at creating bicycles based on the classic British style – even winning the 2014 award for best bespoken Touring Bicycle.  Such expertise drew the attention…


Primus Kamoto OpenFire Pit

Your campfire is at the heart of any great outdoor experience but there are places where laying a fire on the ground is either impractical or illegal.  For those situations,…


Barebones Cast Iron Kit

Cast iron cooking imbues any food with a distinctive old-world flavor.  It is durable and reliable whether over an open fire or a modern range.  Barebones Living out of Salt…


Toto Grill Oven

While the casual backyard griller may be content with a fire box on wheels, a truly great outdoor kitchen needs to be a versatile food preparation area.  Italy’s Alfa 1977…


Ziv’s Portable Smoker

A major disappointment to the fans of smoked meat is that smokers are usually bulky and not particularly portable.  Fueled by a desire to have quality smoked fish even on…

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