Heisenberg CD1 Cargo e-Trike

Developed by the German HNF Heisenberg company (which is in no way associated with the mad Walter White from Breaking Bad), the CD1 Cargo e-Trike is an e-commuter bike that can…


Monday Motorbikes M1 E-Bike

California’s Monday Motorbikes have created a nifty, trendsetting all-electric moped.  While the M1 is based on the Puch Magnum of the late 1970’s, the gas engine has been replaced with…


OTTOLOCK Cinch Bike Lock

Keeping your man-powered 2-wheeler secure when parked outside while you go about your daily tasks, usually requires lugging heavy chains or solid steel U-locks around.  Otto Design Works of Portland…


Steer Carrier

One of the biggest problems with commuting on a regular road or racing bicycle is the lack of anywhere to carry bags.  Dutch media designer Aart Jan Bergshoeff got tired…



For the dedicated urban commuter who likes to shake it up on the ride around town, the Cycleboard ($1,300) is an electrically assisted way to add new zip to your…

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