Double Barrel Oil Vaporizer

If you missed this 4/20 and didn’t get yourself a treat, it’s ok. You can celebrate stoner’s day any day! And if you’re looking for a unique piece of cannabis…


Utillian 720 Vaporizer

Who says you need to blow the bank to get a reliable dry herb vaporizer? Canada-based Utillian has been in the vaporizer game for a few years now, offering high…


The Ultimate 4/20 Gift Guide

America’s favorite stoner holiday is fast approaching, and for those of you who want to truly celebrate this hazy holiday, we’ve got a list of the 10 most awesome gifts…


Leaf Cannabis Growing System

Growing your own weed at home just got a whole lot easier.  Thanks to the fully-automatic Leaf Cannabis Growing System ($1.500) you won’t need to monkey around with monitoring and controlling…


Aura Water Pipe

Now that marijuana consumption is becoming more accepted – and not far from being legalized (ooh!)- it’s the perfect time to reinvent pot smoking paraphernalia.  At least, that’s what the…


Cannador Marijuana Storage Boxes

Keep your stash at an optimal 65% relative humidity, with the Cannador Marijuana Storage Boxes ($120,00+). Designed for short and long-term storage, these airtight cigar-like boxes will preserve freshness and…

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