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arara Battery-Free Wheel Bike Lights

Powered by frame-mounted magnets, the bright arara Wheel Bike Lights are completely battery-free. Each light has an LED and a capacitor that passes by a set of neodymium magnets and…


OTTOLOCK Cinch Bike Lock

Keeping your man-powered 2-wheeler secure when parked outside while you go about your daily tasks, usually requires lugging heavy chains or solid steel U-locks around.  Otto Design Works of Portland…


Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet

For the serious biker, the helmet is the first line of defense against serious head injury.  With the advent of the Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet ($120) you can step it…


560G Titanium Bike Lock

Keeping your man-powered 2-wheeler secured doesn’t need to involve thick, heavy steel U-locks. Touted as “the lightest high-security bike lock on the market,” the innovative 560G Titanium Bike Lock seems…


PARAX Bicycle Rack

If you consider your beloved bike to deserve a place on your wall, you might as well show it off in an elegant way.  For that purpose, you have the PARAX…


Revolights Eclipse+ Bike Lights

Traditional bicycle lights focus only on forward path illumination and usually provide zero side visibility. They also use a tiny, red rear flash, making cyclists hard to be seen in…


CYCL Winglights

Bicycle commuters rejoice.  Your intention of making a turn can now be seen better in busy traffic, if you just stick the CYCL Winglights ($50.00) onto your bike’s handlebars. Made with…



In order to keep your bike secured, you’d have to use a big, heavy lock.  Well, not anymore!  Litelock ($120,00) is the newest bike lock in town, and it promises…


Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights

The Italian Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights ($32,00) are probably the coolest and definitely the most convenient bike lights out there.  Made up of two small magnetic lights (red&white) that easily…

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