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Whether in a power outage or on an extended camping trip, having a portable alternative power supply like this one is essential to maintaining communication and other necessary services



In an increasingly fast-paced world, assuring power to your mobile electronic devices is of high importance.  Portable batteries in and of themselves are nothing new; however, the BatteryBox  ($220) is…


Line Dock Laptop Power Bank

There was a time when your laptop’s onboard battery life limited your mobility to just a few hours.  The Line Dock Laptop Power Bank ($150) expands that range exponentially.  Line Dock…


YOLK Solar Paper

An efficient portable solar charger should be part of your gear, anytime you’re on the go. But you also want to keep weight to a minimum. To help you achieve…


Photive BOLT Portable Charger

From the hoard of existing portable chargers on the market, the Photive BOLT($40,00) deserves our special attention. With water-tight ports and Impact resistant housing, The Bolt is the perfect portable…

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