Auto Fabrica


Auto Fabrica’s New Type 7

Weren’t we all supposed to be flying around on hoverboards by now? Well, in the meantime you could enjoy Auto Fabrica’s new type 7 model.


Auto Fabrica Type 11 Motorcycle

UK-based bike customizer Auto Fabrica has revealed yet another drool-worthy build. Combining sleek, retro-futuristic shapes with serious power, their Type 11 Motorcycle is a head-turner–one that will soon be available for…


Auto Fabrica Type 4A Yamaha SR250

For those who appreciate the joy of riding a lightweight bike, Auto Fabrica’s ‘Type 4A’ Yamaha SR250 may just strike your fancy.  The new build originated as a SR250 but quickly…


Auto Fabrica Type 6 Motorcycle

We’ve come to expect stellar levels of craft and finish from Auto Fabrica, but their Type 6 Motorcycle adds impeccable industrial design to an already stellar reputation. Boasting pristine cleanliness,…

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