Typewriter Guns

Québecois artist Éric Nado admits that since he was a child, the sound of typewriter keys being struck was reminiscent of gunfire to him.  Building on that memory, he undertook…


Flame Art Soaring Swallow Zippo Lighter

Canadian artist Steven Spazuk works in a very distinctive medium to create hyper-realistic, dream-like drawings.  Called “The Fire Artist,” the man’s fumage technique utilizes fire to create the base for his…


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Best 23 Work Boots for Men

If you work in the construction industry or other career where your toes need protecting, this definitive list will help you find the right pair of work boots


Sisyphus Kinetic Art Table

When art merges with functionality, it can enhance our life experiences.  Sisyphus – The Kinetic Art Table ($795) has harnessed the precise calculations to run a complex machine so that…


Hubcap Creatures

The Hubcap Creatures ($480+) are cool sculptures representing nature’s wild animals.  They come in different sizes and are made entirely from re-cycled materials (mostly old hubcaps found on the side…

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