Because we all need some Suicide Squad: Special Ops cheats and strategies

Still have that Suicide Squad fever long after watching that blockbuster hit movie?

No worries. You’re not alone.

This much-talked about movie may no longer be in theaters, but it’s definitely still on people’s hearts and minds — not to mention your heart and mind — and a good proof of this can easily be seen by simply glancing at Apple’s App Store top charts where the game seems to be soaring high even weeks after the movie that inspired it started showing in theaters.

And what better way to get the most out of one’s Suicide Squad: Special Ops gaming experience than by getting Suicide Squad: Special Ops cheats for yourself?

Here’s a few Suicide Squad: Special Ops cheats to help make life a little bit better for you.

Exclamation Marks

Who knew learning about punctuations in school will yield off so much benefit later on in life as you turn into a full-pledged adult?

In Special Ops, not every enemy on its way to attack you and your team can be seen in plain sight. Some of them could actually be just lurking around the corner.

To make certain that you won’t ever be caught off guard, make sure to pay attention to those exclamation points that often pop up on your screen. Each of these icons actually represent an enemy in your nearby surroundings, and the bigger these icons get, the closer your enemies actually are to you.

And when these icons turn red, that’s when the enemies are about to strike, so be on the alert at all times at make sure to watch your allies — waves of the enemies tend to go their way, too.

Remember, once you lose any member of your squad, you’re never getting them back. Lose three of them and life — as you know it — is over for good.

Protecting your squad

Be warned that losing any of the members of your squad will make things a lot harder for you. The more of them you lose, the harder it’s going to be for you as losing one of your squad means losing one of your defenses. When you notice any of them getting low on health, just switch. You won’t regret it.

Squad members

What good is this Suicide Squad: Special Ops cheats if it doesn’t tell you what to do?

If dominating this game is what you’ve been wanting, then read closely but keep in mind that this is subjective and may not be a sure thing.

Harley Quinn is no doubt the most-loved character among the squad — but in this Special Ops game, Harley isn’t as good as we’ve all been hoping.

So if dominating the game is your main goal, you might want to use Deadshot as your main. Landing head shots through this character is (unsurprisingly) super easy, and doing so charges Deadshot’s special move in the process.

Did we mention landing head shots almost always yields a guaranteed kill?

Meanwhile, Harley Quinn may not be as good as Deadshot in this Special Ops game but she’s definitely one of the best we can name.

Don’t take her funny-looking melee weapon at face value — this thing is highly damaging and each time she swings and strikes, her combo meter just keeps on charging up and it just keeps going up faster as she throws more of them. Her Frenzy special move is particularly useful when fighting a large group of enemies as it slows time down, allowing her to quickly dash towards the enemies without even them realizing it — giving her time to crush them on the head before they even get the chance to move.

El Diablo, on the other hand, is not half as bad as Deadshot and Harley — but the fact that using this character means you will have to get so uncomfortably close to the enemy lines simply makes things a little too risky.

With El Diablo, the only way to deliver maximum damage on your targets is to fight them at close range, and this is just too much of a rather unnecessary risk because it leaves you extremely vulnerable to enemy hits.

One good thing that comes with using this character, however, is that El Diablo’s power is shooting fire from his hands — meaning running out of ammunition is never a problem.

Do you have any Suicide Squad: Special Ops cheats and strategies that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below!