Everyone knows that college is a time of exploration. It is during our college years that many of us first explore aspects of ourselves, such as our study topics, hobbies, social circles, and personal style. The style we develop while in university can be a great reflection of both your personality and your attitude towards your studies. 

If fashion and style are something new to you, choosing where to start may seem a little daunting. Luckily we’ve put together some of the best examples of men’s fashion advice to get you started looking your best! 

Give it time! 

Running low on time is one of the main reasons that many young guys sacrifice their style during their college years. Putting aside some time each morning to pick an outfit makes a huge difference when it comes to improving your personal style! 

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How to find your style 

A great way to explore young men’s fashion is to look at both your real-life peers and favourite celebrities for inspiration. Think if there’s anybody in your life you consider to be particularly stylish and observe how they dress. You can also research the fashion of your favourite celebrities for inspiration! Their sense of style may reflect aspects of their personality in a way that you can also do with your outfits. 

Depending on how you want to present yourself to the world, your fashion choices can have a big impact. Subdued, formal clothing will suggest to those around you that you have a serious and straightforward attitude and may give off a sense of authority when coupled with confidence. Bright colours and playful patterns, on the other hand, signal to those around you that you have a carefree and joyful approach to life. 

Developing a personal style is far from a permanent commitment. Just as every day our mood is different, so too can be the clothes we use to represent ourselves. Dressing smart on the weekdays doesn’t rule out getting comfy or even experimental on the weekends! 

Dressing for the classroom 

Getting dressed for college is not the same as getting ready to go to a party or on a night out. There’s less pressure to impress, and with some reliable college outfit ideas, you can be sure to turn up to class every day with a style that is both respectable and comfortable. There are some foolproof college clothing essentials that together form the basis of a student wardrobe that is sure never to go out of style. 

Practical tips for looking your best 

Invest in a good pair of blue jeans

Blue jeans are one staple of outfits for guys that will simply always be in style. Casual, comfortable, and well-fitted, a high quality pair of blue jeans will last you years!

A plain white tee 

Another basic essential for casual college outfits, a plain white tee shirt that’s well-fitted to your measurements is a simple and flattering edition to any wardrobe. Pair with a shirt in the summer and a fleece in the winter for an instant formula for college outfits ideas! 

A button down 

Having a respectable button-down shirt sitting ready in your wardrobe means that on those days when you want to look a little more put-together, you don’t have to stress or plan. Just remember to keep it ironed – there’s nothing worse than a crumpled shirt! 

A coat for both seasons

Well-coordinated layers is one important way to ensure practicality in your outfits without sacrificing style. Investing in a nice summer jacket and a nice winter jacket in a neutral colour palette means that no matter what the weather, you’ll have something to throw on to keep the cold away. 

Tip – there’s more to style than clothing! 

While having a great staple wardrobe is one way to ensure that you always look put-together, looking your best goes beyond clothes. Maintaining a solid grooming regime of combing and shaving helps complete your college look, and walking with an air of confidence is the ultimate style accessory.

These are just a few samples of ways you can devote more time to building up a basic wardrobe to begin your college style exploration. Figuring out your style and walking into class with a look you’re proud of will greatly improve your mood and confidence, and make the most out of your college years. Remember, dress to feel your best!