This Smashy Road: Wanted walkthrough is helpful to beginners who are just trying to find their way around the game.

Barely five months old is this certified smash hit app, Smashy Road: Wanted — but it’s never left the top charts on Apple’s App Store ever since it made the waves in the world of mobile gaming.

In case you don’t know yet, Smashy Road: Wanted is a hit mobile game that looks like a cross between the iconic Grand Theft Auto game and the mobile world-popular Crossy Roads.

This ultra-popular game is sure to give you loads of fun, and may become easier to play over time — but be warned that playing it for the first time isn’t something that can be described as “all too easy”.

This is why we made this Smashy Road: Wanted walkthrough especially for you.

A good car to pick

In this game: YOU ARE A CAR. So you better be the best car that you can be — and this is not just so you can brag about your good looks, this is also to help make certain that you get to live a little longer than beginners normally would in this extremely addicting (and often stressful) game.

There are several types of cars that you can choose from in the game, with classifications ranging from “common cars”, “rare cars”, “epic cars”, to “legendary cars” — but we highly recommend that you put your money in the so-called ‘Money Man’, as it will help you earn cash a whole lot faster, therefore making it a lot easier for you to purchase additional cars that boast of more impressive HP (horsepower), control, speed, and most importantly— damage potential.

But ‘The Beast’ legendary car isn’t a bad choice at all, either.

Why do you need a powerful car, you ask?

Well, it just might have something to do with the fact that Smashy Road: Wanted is a game of relentless car chases… Don’t worry. This Smashy Road: Wanted walkthrough will get you through.

But who’s being chased?

Why, YOU of course. So to make sure that you survive the relentless car chasing long enough, it’s important to make certain that you are equipped with the best possible car.

Drive safely

Although this may seem next to impossible when playing a game that involves A LOT of car chasing — it is of extreme importance that you try your hardest to avoid bumping into obstacles and trees at all costs. Unnecessarily running into any of these obstacles in the game inflicts damage on your player, and hitting one too many of these will ensure that you end up blowing up in flames and — needless to say — finding yourself end up as a sore loser in the process.

Free cash

Just as it is in real life, having cash with you at all times in the Smashy Road: Wanted game is extremely important, and the game offers plenty of good opportunities for players to earn cold cash within the game.

The only way to upgrade your car in this game (just as it is in real life) is by having enough money with you. You can either draw cars from the gacha machine and settle for whatever is thrown your way, or you can just hand over your cash and purchase your coveted car outright.

You can either earn money by literally driving through stacks of cash visibly laying around in the game, or you can endure several seconds of video-watching to become a few dollars richer.

And then you’re all set.

If you need Smashy Road: Wanted cheats and tricks, you’ll find them right here.

Hope you enjoyed this Smashy Road: Wanted walkthrough! If you have tips on the game that we haven’t already shared, please tell us in the comments below! 🙂