All the mods, cheats and tricks that you will ever need

Back in the 90s, during the glorious days of the then-number one mobile phone maker Nokia — when colored screens were yet to be invented and screens weren’t meant to be touched, the vast majority of the human race relied heavily on an extremely simple yet overly addicting game to keep themselves entertained. They devoted their time to a game called Snake.

Fast forward to more than a couple of decades later, it seems like Nokia’s old-school snake game is still far from forgotten.

Today, another version of what used to be the world’s favorite mobile game has made it to the top of the charts — and it’s called

Obviously named after Harry Potter’s nemesis’s house, Slytherin, which bear the image of a snake on its logo — the game combines both the fun and excitement of the mobile game with the fun and excitement of the classic Nokia game, Snake.

While in, users are encouraged to ‘swallow’ other users who are much smaller in size by simply going straight for them and swallowing them in the process — incorporates the complexity of the classic Snake game which allows users to lengthen their snake players by bumping into other players and swallowing them in the process.

Sounds easy? Sounds insane?

No worries. This cheats and tricks has got you covered.

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