Sky Whale: You know you want to.

Sky Whale is a fun way to waste your time away. This game is featured by Nickelodeon’s fun-filled show — Game Shakers — and it’s just as fun as the show itself.

In this game (in case you haven’t figured it out just yet), you are a whale flying high up in the sky (thus the title, for obvious reasons).

The goal here is to go as far as you can go, and these tricks we have right here should help you go as far as you would want to go.


If there was ever a time in your life that you ever doubted donuts — this is the time that donuts get to vindicate themselves.

You see, without donuts, you won’t get anywhere in this game. You’ll need to gather as much donuts as you possibly can, to get as far as you possibly could.

With that said, it goes without saying that spending all your donuts in one place is just not the way to go. Don’t go spending donuts when there’s no absolute necessity to do so.

Make sure to only use your donuts in cases wherein an object you can bounce on is in sight, or when another donut is in sight. To make things short, don’t spend a donut if you see no chance to replace it.

More donuts

Now that you realize how important these donuts are in this game, we advise that you keep an eye for rare sightings of piles and piles of these wonderful things.

At one point or another, there will be a time in your Sky Whale life wherein you’ll be blessed with a pile of these marvelous round things. Touch this pile and it will explode into a multitude of donuts floating in the sky.


You must be thinking, “What does a donut and a snorkel have anything to do with a Sky Whale?”

Good question. The answer is: everything.

The snorkel is an unlockable item that basically gives your Sky Whale superpowers. It gives your flier the ability to go underwater, and possibly gain at least two donuts in the process.

For the latter to work, however, you will have to make certain that you’ve already run out of donuts before you take the plunge. As you do so, you will notice that you have since gained two marvelous donuts, and another one as your whale goes back up once your snorkel powers run out.

While underwater, you can choose to make use of coffins to act as your booster, which should propel you horizontally at a much faster speed.

Spending it all

In this world, the best thing to do is to spend it all at once. You should be good at that. The more items you buy in this game, the more chances you have of getting as far as you could possibly hope for.

There’s absolutely no point in being frugal.

Just as it is in the real world, in Sky Whale — next to donuts — money is everything.