LATEST – Pokemon Go Released Now

Looks like we finally might have an official Pokemon GO release date. Well, almost. During Nintendo’s Treehouse Live event, Shigeru Miyamoto, the Creative Fellow at Nintendo, showed off the Pokemon GO Plus wearable.

You can use this wearable as a medium to catch Pokemon in the augmented reality game and get game notifications without having to take out your smartphone.


The Nintendo staff stated during a Livestream, that the device will be available at the end of July for about $35. Later on, when asked about the game’s release date, the members stated that the game would arrive before the release of the wearable.

So there you go! You can expect to play Pokemon GO on your smartphone before July this year. That’s great news, don’t you think? Finally, you can catch all your favorite Pokemon in augmented reality.

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Pokemon Go Beta

Update – April 27, 2016 – Niantic and The Pokemon Company have started field testing their upcoming augmented reality game, ‘Pokemon GO’, in Australia.

Pokemon Beta Arrives in United States

Update – 29 May, 2016 – Finally, fans in the United States will now be able to beta test the upcoming Pokemon Go Augmented reality game. After asking users to sign up for the beta program, invitations to download the game and try it out are now being sent out.

Niantic has received a lot of feedback after the beta field tests held in Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Now it’s the turn of US citizens to live their Pokemon fantasy and catch, train, and evolve their Pokemon in the game.

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Nine minutes of Pokemon Go Gameplay

Now, a new Pokemon GO gameplay footage has leaked from the field test in Australia. The leaked footage shows nine minutes of what the game is like. You can see that the player gets to customize his or her avatar by choosing clothing, gender, facial features, etc.

From the gameplay, it looks like you won’t be able to battle wild Pokemon after all. You can simply try and capture them using a Pokeball. The Pokemon appear in augmented reality on the streets or you can turn off the camera and just view them on your smartphone.

To battle your Pokemon with other Pokemon, you’ll have to visit a Gym and join either Red, Blue or Yellow team. You can then train your Pokemon and level up. The battles aren’t like what we’ve seen in earlier versions of Pokemon game. Check it out for yourself;

[youtube id=”ylW_NL5a-wc” align=”center” maxwidth=”849″]


Pokemon Go News: Pokestops

Update – 21 April, 2016 – More details regarding the game have been revealed by the reddit group Silph Road. The game will include three teams that the players can be part of, namely, red, yellow, and blue. Players can also train with random ‘Computer players’ in the local Gyms.

The Pokemon battles are said be a lot of fun and the camera is behind the Pokemon, giving a full view of the battle. In the latest beta, which is currently being tested among field testers, capturing Pokemon has become much harder and requires more skill.

Several improvements and changes have been made to the gameplay, making it much better than before. No details have been revealed regarding the release.

Update – April 14, 2016 – More details regarding the Pokemon Go game have been revealed thanks to a field tester. Now that the field tests for the game have started, one of the testers answered some frequently asked questions about the game.

The tester mentioned that game elements such as features and settings will be changed, improved and added in the future. He states that most of the Pokestops will be similar as Ingress portals. Around 30-50 percent of Ingress portals have been turned to Pokestops. Also, the game will only feature the original 150 Pokemon and Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle are difficult to find.

Eevee is the most difficult to find and evolve, the tester wasn’t able to evolve the Pokemon yet. You can read more about the game from the testers Reddit thread.

Update – April 7, 2016 – The upcoming Pokemon GO mobile game will not let players battle wild Pokemon, you can only capture them. Niantic did tell us that the gameplay would include players battling other trainers or in the gym.

However, Pokemon fans were also hoping the game would allow players to fight wild Pokemon. Fighting a wild Pokemon will help you to level up your Pokemon much faster than fighting other trainers and gyms.

Don’t be completely disappointed, though, as the game is still in beta testing so that a future release could include this feature.

Update – March 26, 2016 – Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, recently released the very first screenshots of what the game will look like on mobile devices.

We’ve been waiting to see what the game looks like on smartphones, and what can we actually do, other can find Pokemon in the real world. Turns out, you can capture, train and even use your Pokemon to fight. You’ll have to explore the world to find Pokemon to capture and train.

Certain types of Pokemon, for example, a water-type one, will only be found near areas of water bodies. Poke balls and other items can be purchased from Poke Stops, which are real places like museums, monuments and other landmarks.

Pokemon Go First Look

There will also be Gyms, which are real world locations, where you can go to have a battle or a friendly Pokemon fight.

Update – March 20, 2016 – A new video appeared on Youtube (see below) titled “Pokemon Go Gameplay First Look | SXSW Gaming“, presumably from an SXSW talk given Niantic CEO, John Hanke gave back on Saturday, March 19th which allegedly aims to capture an Ivysaur with a Master Ball. This could well be a fake leak from an enterprising Youtuber or be the real deal thing, check it out:

Update – March 17, 2016 – The Pokemon GO field tests have started in Japan. Unfortunately, the GDC talk session by Niantic was cancelled for unknown reasons.

At this session, Niantic was supposed to provide more details about the game and even show a preview. Guess we’ll have to wait longer to see how the game looks and to know the actual release date.

Update – March 5, 2016 – Niantic will start Pokemon GO field tests in Japan later this month. Local players in Japan can start registering for the test.

“The Pokémon Company and Niantic will be inviting users to field test Pokémon GO in Japan later this month. The Pokémon GO field test program will give users the opportunity to share early feedback and help improve the Pokémon GO experience. Please stay tuned for information about expansion of the field test to other markets.”

The field tests will require users to have an iOS or Android device and a Google account. The purpose of these tests is to improve the game with feedback from the participants. Also, whatever happens at these field tests will have to be kept confidential by the players.

Global field tests will be announced in the coming months according to Niantic. More on this here, and here.

Update – February 27, 2016 – Niantic, the developer behind the Pokemon GO game, has raised $5 million from investors. According to the company’s CEO, John Hanke;

“Pokémon Go is looking good. We’ll share more details with the world soon. There certainly are a lot of fans.”

The company will use the newly acquired funds in the further development of the game. The release date has still not been confirmed and is happening later this year.

Update – February 21, 2016 – There’s some new information about the Pokemon Go release date. According to Tsnuekazu Ishihara, the game will not be available in all regions at the same time. Instead, the release will happen on different dates around the world.

Serebii is reporting that the game will be first available in Japan, North America and Europe. After that, it will be released in South America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Other countries weren’t mentioned in the report, which could mean that Nintendo and Niantic haven’t planned on a release date yet.

So yes, if you were all expecting to start catching Pokemon at the same time, you’d be wrong. Pokemon GO is still coming in 2016, but we’re not sure when it’ll be available in your location.

February 14, 2016 – We recently told you that Niantic will be speaking, and hopefully previewing, Pokemon GO for iOS and Android at GDC 2016. Now, the CEO of Niantic, John Hanke has shared a few details about how the game came to be.

Apparently, the idea was hatched when Google made an April Fools’ joke three years ago. Do you guys remember the Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge? That challenge led to The Pokemon Company president and CEO of Niantic making a decision to collaborate and do something in the future. The Pokemon GO game was thus born.

New Pokemon GO Superbowl 50 Commercial

To celebrate 20 years of Pokemon, The Pokemon Company aired a commercial before the beginning of Super Bowl 50. The 1 minute 10-second commercial raked in over 18 million views on YouTube, despite being aired before the game.

The commercial is about the new Pokemon GO app for iOS and Android; that’ll be coming later this year. And it’s awesome! Pokemon fans will definitely get some goosebumps. If you didn’t get to watch it, here it is;

The video caused a lot of chatter on social media as well, almost 90 percent of which was positive. A 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl costs $5 million. Looks like Niantic and The Pokemon Company are pretty confident about Pokemon GO.

We’re not sure about the Pokemon GO release date, all we’ve heard is that the game will be available on iOS and Android in 2016. A Pokemon GO beta app is also said to be released before the full launch of the game, for testing purposes.

February 10, 2016 – The much-anticipated augmented reality game from Niantic, Pokemon GO, will be demoed at the Game Developers Conference in March this year.

Ever since the trailer for Pokemon GO hit the interwebs, fans have been eagerly waiting for the game to release on iOS and Android. The game was originally announced by the developer in September last year, but we haven’t heard much since.

The trailer, which was released alongside the announcement, includes Pokemon appearing in the real world, as seen through the display of your smartphone. Your job is to become a Pokemon master and defeat MewTwo.

[youtube id=”2sj2iQyBTQs” align=”center” maxwidth=”849″]

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game that lets you capture and train Pokemon in the real world by pointing a smartwatch-like device called Pokemon GO Plus. This device will be made by Nintendo. CEO of Niantic, CEO John Hanke, will be at the conference.

“Niantic’s newest game, Pokemon Go, ups the challenge of real world gaming design, taking a beloved franchise and setting its hundreds of brightly-coloured monsters loose across the globe, adding a new Bluetooth wearable device created by Nintendo to the mix.”

Of course, you will still need your iOS or Android device to play the game, but this external device will let you capture a Pokemon and perform other actions. The Bluetooth connected device will light and beep when there’s a Pokemon nearby.

CEO John Hanke will be talking about Pokemon GO and hopefully also show a demo during their talk at GDC 2016. On the official GDC website, the description says that attendees will get to experience how players interact and explore the world.

The company recently raised $20 million in funds and will be using that money for the development of the game.

Pokemon GO Release Date: When is Pokemon GO Coming Out?

The Game Developer Conference will take place between March 14 and 18, so we don’t have to wait much longer.

Pokemon GO will be free to play, with in-app purchases and will be available on both iOS and Android later this year. We’ll learn more about the game, and release dates during the conference.

The Pokemon company have released a message in regards to the fake websites popping up over the last few months asking for details from its users along with their email addresses, here is a translated version of the message they have posted:

“In regards to the beta test of Pokémon GO, no official announcements have been made. As soon as they are new information, it will be announced in the Pokémon GO official site.”

Pokémon Go will be free and include in-app purchases for items. Niantic has confirmed that players will be able to trade Pokémon common to their area with friends.

Update – March 02, 2016:

Ingress Report video from September 2015 (video below), claims Pokemon Go would have an early 2016 release after entering a closed beta in winter 2015.