Pokemon Go cheats and tricks: If you can’t cheat, might as well use a trick.

Pokemon Go has just been released in some parts of the world, and already gamers and the curious alike couldn’t seem to stop playing the game.

And you can’t really blame them.

The team behind the game, Niantic Labs, has indeed accomplished a job well done — combining reality with fantasy in the most amazing way possible.

The game has gained tremendous popularity overnight that even those who never paid attention to Pokémon during its more glorious years are keen about giving the game a shot.

Problem is, Pokemon Go isn’t available everywhere in the world just yet. Those who wish to check if the game is already within their reach can try clicking here.

Disclaimer: Users from some countries might be able to download the game without a problem, but they won’t be able to catch any of the monsters in the outside world as a result of their territory not being supported yet.

A word of caution to gamers who prefer not to leave their seats or beds, however. This game is an ‘outdoor’ game and users are required to walk around a lot. It was never meant for the couch potatoes.

With that said, here are some Pokemon Go cheats and tricks to get everyone started.

Catch ’em all

In this game, users are helping Professor Willow, and all they need to ‘catch ’em all’ if they are to make him happy (not that his happiness is part of the goals in the game – it really isn’t).

Users are likely to chance upon the same kinds of Pokémon whenever they’re out looking for them. This is especially true for those who rarely travel to different places. Though this sounds boring, it’s actually a good thing. Catching the same kinds of these things over and over again is something that every trainer must go through to become better at what they’re doing.

These Pokémons, when caught, come with candy and ‘Stardust’ that are specific to their breed. Collecting as many of each kind of Pokémon as possible is the easiest way to strengthen/evolve them, and it plays a crucial role in making sure that they have all the necessary supplies they need to toughen up for their next gym battle.

It’s also going to help users speed up through the game’s experience levels.

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