Please, Don’t Touch Anything: What you need to do besides not touching anything

Please, Don’t Touch Anything is a highly addictive puzzle game described by its makers as as follows:

“… A cryptic, brain-racking puzzle game about bathroom breaks, screwdrivers and nuclear explosions.”

When you’ve been told not to touch anything — that’s when you know that you just have to.

And that’s exactly what this game is all about.

Now, assuming you’re here not out of sheer curiosity but because you’ve found yourself in a deadlock, not knowing what to do — here are a few things that can surely help you out.

Please, don’t touch anything

You don’t have to be told this over and over again for sure, but try your best not to touch anything for a minute. You’ll be amazed by the wonders that that can do.

Try pressing the red button 20 times.

Make sure to count properly.

Press the red button.

Twice. A panel saying ‘I II III’ will appear. On the instruction poster,a code saying ‘I III II II III I’ is written sideways, which basically says ‘1 3 2 2 3 1’. Type that code in and hit enter. Then two new panels will pop up — one with four green buttons, and another with a lever. If you move the lever to the left, a number panel will pop up.

Two codes need to be entered here.

On the instruction poster, you will see on the lower left part an algebraic equation. There’s no need to solve the equation. Just take out all the numbers from the equation — 8367 from the top part, and 8232 from the lower part.


After entering 8367, two panels will show up. One with 1234 buttons and another with 49. On the left panel, you need to enter 5 buttons. The right buttons to press make up the shape of a pentagon. So if you draw an imaginary pentagon on the panel, you will know which ones to press. Drawing the pentagon (imaginatively) upside down still yields the same results.


Entering 8232, on the other hand, will cause a panel with two arrows and a date on it to show up. Take the left arrow.

Pressing the red button 15 times

Once you do this, a drawer will open with a hammer in it. Use the hammer and then press that mysterious button. After this ending, however, you’re going to have to restart the game.

If you have any additional Please, Don’t Touch Anything tricks please do let us know in the comments below!