Goat Simulator Cheats and Tricks: Because you are more than just a goat

It’s probably safe to say that everyone has had their personal encounter with a real, actual goat at least once in their lives.

But has everyone seen goats do great things?

The answer might surprise you.

Because it is highly likely.

Thanks to the developers behind the blockbuster hit game, Goat Simulator has paved the way for goat greatness.

And goat greatness comes in many forms.

Users who have grown tired of playing the hit game as their regular neighborhood Spider Goat have the option to play as any (or all) of these marvelous goats that we found out about, with the help of this wonderful Goat Simulator cheats and tricks that we’ve prepared especially for our devoted Goat Simulators.

Goat Queen

In the game, users have the privilege to play Goat queen, which yields the ability to make goats rain from the sky. To become a Goat Queen, all you need to do is to go to that place where your goat spawns, and then proceed to the fenced area nearby. Within that fenced area is a spiral tower. Climb that spiral tower, and on the top floor you will find the throne room where a handful of goats will bow down to you.

At this point, all you have to do is stand at the throne and you’re officially a Goat Queen. After which, you will be automatically teleported back to the area where your great goat spawns.

As a skull mask-wearing goat queen, you have the power to make it rain goats from the sky — by simply pressing the [Special Action] button.

Devil Goat

In the far corner of town you will find a red, glowing pentagram. To get there, you have to proceed to the suburban area’s community pool — the one on the hill with two water slides. Stand at the bottom of the hill and then gaze up where the slides are located. On your left, you will see a large electrical tower — right next to this is the pentagram that you are looking for.

Now we know this is creepy, but to be the Devil Goat you will have to latch your tongue onto unsuspecting humans, and then put their bodies on the pentagram. If you have the privilege to be Goat King, you can simply summon goats and drop five of them on the pentagram to complete this gory Devil Goat challenge. Right after completing this, you will transform into the Devil Goat.

The perks of being a Devil Goat include the ability to fly by way of summoning a black hole. Simply click on [Special Action] and then select Rag Doll mode. A word of caution, however, it’s highly possible for your goat to die while on this mode.

Robot Goat

To complete the Robot Goat challenge, you will have to gather two Sanctums and one robot. One of these Sanctums is located at the second floor of that spiral tower — the same tower where the Goat Queen can be unlocked. The second Sanctum can be found at a brown house near your goat’s spawn point. The robot, on the other hand, you’re going to have to take from that hanging blue container. As soon as you’ve gathered all of the above materials together, rush to the forest pentagram and place all of them there.

Slender Goat

Although this type of goat is not really official as all the others in this list, one can not deny that it’s one of the most exciting and entertaining ones. But getting your goat to become the ultimate goat version of Slender Man is far from easy. First, you will have to unlock Space Goat by gathering 30 Golden Goat trophies in a place called Goatville. Then, you will have to defeat all goats at the Fighting Arena located in the same location to unlock the Ripped Goat. Once done, go to the main menu and select the part that says ‘Custom Game’. And then, select both Ripped Goat and Space Goat and you can now choose whatever map you’d like.

Angel Goat

Perhaps one of the easiest to unlock in the Goat Simulator game is the Angel Goat. All you need to do is stand very still for a full five minutes. Once you’ve turned into the Angel Goat, try pressing [Special Action] to start floating.

Do you have any more Goat Simulator cheats and tricks in mind? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂