Fit the Fat 2 Cheats and Strategies: Feel like burning some fats today?

Feel like burning some fats today? Feel like doing that on your bed, with a pillow on your head?

No problem.

We have just the thing for you.

Fit the Fat 2 is a fun and entertaining game — which proves to be just as fun and entertaining as its predecessor, Fit the Fat 1 — and it’s currently soaring high in Apple’s App Store top charts.

While burning fats and losing weight at the same time always sounds like an excellent game plan, the problem is, rolling off the bed to disturb your muscles’ peace isn’t really something that can easily be done on a daily basis.

Not for many people, anyway.

Thankfully, even burning those fats can now be done virtually (and it’s, inevitably, far from reality) — and who knew burning fats can be as fun as this?

Problem is, even though playing Fit the Fat 2 does not get you any closer to reality, the closest to reality it gets is the few hiccups on the road that you will surely get.

Thankfully, there’s a few Fit the Fat 2 cheats and strategies that we have gathered just for you.

This is how it goes.


Dream big and aim high, but never waste your hard-earned coins on upgrades that you can actually have for free.

Some of the upgrades in this game, including the first bed upgrade available — which, by the way, is valued at 600 coins — will cost you so much than what you would normally be ready to bargain for.

So it’s a good thing that you can actually get these upgrades for free the moment you start leveling up in the game.

All the Good Food

In Fit the Fat 2, things will sometimes seem a lot like how they really are in real life.

Fighting the urge to cave in to your fast food cravings is just as real a struggle as it is in real life, especially because these fast food things cost a lot more cheaper than the healthy ones — just like they do in real life.

But no matter what you do, don’t cave in.

Sure, watching your character eat the type of food you would rather eat yourself can sometimes be oddly satisfying, but all the trouble that goes with it will never be worth all those wrongdoings.

Eating those junk will instantly throw all your hard work out the window — so you might want to consider thinking over if all that junk is worth losing all your previous hard work over.

Jump Rope

During the start of the game, the only exercise you can and will be allowed to do is jumping rope.

Now since you’re just starting and you still have a whole lot of extra pounds that you need to be losing, let’s just say that at this point you’re not very good at what you do.

Many times, you will trip and fall and will have to start all over again — but if you pay close attention to the shadows you might just be able to be do get this part over with as fast as you can..

To try your luck, simply watch your jump rope’s shadow, and when you see it about to touch your shadow — go ahead and jump.

Keep doing the same and you might just end up surviving.


Once you’re good enough with the jump ropes, the next thing you’ll be doing is using the treadmill. Using the treadmill will be a lot easier at first, and then it will get a whole lot harder as you go further.

To make sure that you survive the treadmill, keep your arrow within the green zone on the bar, and as this zone starts moving and shrinking, just try your hardest to stay in the middle of the thing.


As you progress further in the game, the next thing you know, you’re already in the boxing ring.

Well, not really.

You’ll be boxing on your own. With a punching bag.

Sooner or later you will find targets appearing right in front of you, and all you have to do is to tap on your screen as fast as you possibly can.

Lose Weight Faster

Want your player to lose weight faster? Simply connect the game to your iPhone’s Health Kit app and every movement you do will be detected by your device and will be counted towards your player’s weight loss.

Do you have any Fit the Fat 2 cheats and strategies that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!