It is been a year since Bethesda released the ‘Fallout 4’ game. Bethesda has beefed the game up with a number of free mods thereafter. The recent PS4 mods have been a real treat for the console enthusiasts. The game has been so interesting that our Bethesda fans have created the best user-created content ever. Here is a list of five best mods for cheats and settlements that you can try on your PS4 now.

OCDecorator For Stocking Inventory

Ethreon crafted the OCDecorator. As the name suggests you can place inventory items which the environmental changes will not have an impact on. If you are looking for the right place to keep a cup and keep it from getting blown away by the wind, this mod is the right choice. The ‘Fallout 4’ Decorator Mod converts all your standard inventory objects into immobile workshop goods.

You can make the OCDecorator work by installing a particular menu in settlement building mode. From the menu, you can install the inventory objects like by scrapping them together. You need to choose the right version of OCDecorator if you are with a DLC. However, you must keep in mind that the ‘Fallout 4’ OCDecorator mod will conflict with anything that changes the workshop menu. However, it indeed keeps your obsession in the game fed well.

‘Fallout 4’ Get All Perks Mod For Increased Ability

As the name goes, this mod helps you to unlock and maximize every perk in the game. So your character shall gain abilities to become the most powerful of all. If you looking for messing around in the open world the game offers, this mod will come to your best help.

You can unlock every advantage and create mayhem in Bethesda’s open world with the Get Perks mod. You not only get to unlock the perks, but you will also be able to install a locker just outside the Vault 111 elevator stocked with an assault rifle, 9,999- ammo, stim packs, and caps. In other words, you can just turn your game into a Grand Theft Auto storm.

Cheat Container For Fully Stocked Toolboxes

Vicyorus created the Cheat Container which is all about settlements and cheating. It is a fantastic package that gives you a 60,000 components toolbox outside each of the 29 settlements for every building. So, you get access to a grand total of 1 million materials for building right next to the settlements. You can find the fully stocked toolboxes near every settlement of ‘Fallout 4’.

Do not try to sieve the supply at a particular location as it will turn the mod a little buggy. You can trick restocking the toolboxes by manipulating the save file. Is it not a cool way to craft a wasteland?

Portable Nuka Jetpack to reach Sky in Seconds

It is a known fact that the Nuka Jetpacks are one of the most popular and best mods out there. Also, you must be aware that the Portable Nuka Jetpack by langnao requires the Nuka World DLC. However, it is worth the efforts.

‘Fallout 4’ Nuka Jetpack Mod offers a number of jetpack mods. You can easily take all your wasteland dwellers to the sky in a matter of seconds. Know what! You don’t have to be worried about the fall damage. The fire shoots out of your character’s feet. However, it is certainly not as clean a shot as you may find on your Xbox One or PC.

Scrapping Mod-Scrap Plants, Leaves, Skeletons & More

Are you looking out for more scrap materials? Do you feel that they will you’re your settlements look better? This cheat will turn all natural objects into stuff that can be put to better use. You can break rocks to create concrete and make the best use of the debris, turrets and even waste beds which you can leverage for goods.

With the help of the ‘Fallout 4’ Scrapping Mod, you can reap supplies from every aspect of nature in the open world game. You don’t have to fuss up much about cheating in the game.

These mods will take your gaming experience to a new level and you just have to make the best use of them for it.