CSR Racing 2: Play like a pro

In case you haven’t noticed yet, CSR Racing 2 is so much better than your reality.

In the world of CSR, you can practically have any car that you want — even if it takes a little time for you to get it.

Even if it meant working just a little more than you originally intendehd, even if it meant days of waiting — you know you’re still going to get that car that you have long been wanting.

Reality may not work the same way, but playing CSR can give you just as much fun as the real thing — minus all the financial and legal constraints. It’s practically the next best thing.

In CSR Racing 2, you can have everything you want and do anything you want — plus a whole lot more.

So here are some CSR Racing 2 cheats and tricks to help you live your CSR life to the fullest:

Perfect shift

Whenever you shift, keep it in the green as much as possible. Pay attention to your tachometer and look closely at the needle. When you see it pointing at the green area on the tachometer, and when you see a prompt that says ‘SHIFT NOW’, do it.

Do it, and try your best to get a ‘perfect shift’ — you’ll be amazed by what that can do for you.


Your driving skill isn’t the only thing that needs improvement in this game. In order to move forward and actually win tougher races, you have to make sure to get your car upgrades whenever possible.

Upgrades improve every aspect of your car — from its body, engine, intake, transmission, turbo, and even tires. Improvements on these aspects mean better performance for your car. Better performance means more chances of winning.


This is one thing that you should know. You can get free upgrade of infusion parts as well as money at Donna’s if you check back at the place every four hours. They have all the best goods at this rare imports garage.

Whenever you’re getting new stuff, however, make sure to consider all the things that you already have at hand.


Get the most out of all your upgrades by tuning your car. To increase your Evo points after a Stage 6 upgrade, make sure to tune your car’s final drive, nitrous, and tire pressure.

Half and quarter

Just like real-life racing cars, cars in CSR Racing 2 can be customized specifically for quarter-mile or half-mile races.

Cars designed for quarter-mile races are built in such a way that what is given more importance is the first quarter mile of the race. These cars are designed to go as fast as they can during take off — but may not be able to perform just as good after the first quarter mile in the race.

Cars designed for half-mile races, on the other hand, can be a little slower during take off, but exudes better performance in the long run.

You can choose upgrades for your car depending on the performance you wish to see from your car.

It is, however, important to know your car (eg. whether or not it’s built for quarter-mile or half-mile races) just as much as it is important to know your goal for your car in this game.

These are just some of the things that you need to consider before actually getting upgrades.

You don’t want to end up slowing down your car instead of making it faster.

Do you have any more CSR Racing 2 cheats and tricks that we know nothing about? Please let us know in the comments below! 🙂