Microsoft has finally released Cortana for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It is now available to download via the App Store.

Cortana is Microsoft’ answer to Siri, Google Now and all the other digital assistants out there. As there is Cortana for Windows 10, you can get a lot of things done by letting your iPhone and PC work together.

In November, Microsoft released a beta version of the app to select iOS users for testing purposes. It’s not as good as Siri on iPhone, for example, you cannot activate it with ‘Hey Cortana’ and you cannot launch Apps.

We’re not really sure if a lot of iOS users would download another personal assistant, as they already have Siri. However, if you’re a Halo fan, you might want to give it a try.

Cortana for iPhone can be used for:

You can download Cortana for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad from the App Store. It is still being rolled out, so do not worry if it’s not showing up on your App Store. Cortana will work on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 8 or later.

Give Cortana for iPhone a try. Let us know what you think of Microsoft’ personal assistant.