Toothbrushes are essential tools for good hygiene. They come in various designs with modern iterations offering more high-tech features. But the Clip Toothbrush reinvents the simple purpose of these handheld bristles with the planet’s safety in mind.

This toothbrush may not look like much. It is on the minimalist side with its clean and sleek design. Without the bristles, you wouldn’t think it’s a quintessential item for oral care. It doesn’t have your typical toothbrush design but looks more like two pieces of plastic straws molded and shaped together.

But the Clip Toothbrush, by designers Edo Kim and Yeseul Kim, hides a unique purpose. It is designed as such to make the head easily replaceable when the bristles get frayed. Simply pop out the old one and insert the new one into place using a push-button locking mechanism found just below where you put the head and along the contours of the head.

Simply put, you clip the replacement to keep it tight and secure so it doesn’t dislodge while brushing. By allowing for head replacement, this instrument helps save the planet by reducing the number of old toothbrushes ending up in waste landfills or in bodies of water since you can reuse the handle.

Moreover, the unibody design requires minimum material and less processing, thus reducing harmful effects on the environment. It is made from a type of recycled material (Recycled polypropylene) to make it more eco-friendly. Likewise, the head and the bristles on the Clip Toothbrush does away with using more nylon and plastic.  Instead, they are made with the recycled thermoplastic.  

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Images courtesy of designers Edo Kim and Yeseul Kim