nCamp Compact Camping Stove

Compact, portable stoves are one of the most essential things you can bring to a camping trip, and at just two pounds, the nCamp is probably the best choice.


Kingsons Prime Beam Backpack

The Beam Backpack by Kingsons Prime uses lightweight and flexible solar panels to provide on-the-go power. It is also waterproof and anti-theft ready.


Solar Impact Yacht

The Solar Impact yacht, designed by Marlena Ratajska of Schaaf Yachtbau Gmbh & Co KG, is adequately equipped to travel the seas with the aid of sunlight.


DogHouse Columbus Hotel

If you love hitting the local joint for a few pints or taking a tour of your local brewery, then the DogHouse Columbus hotel is likely ideal for you.


Tourists Hotel

The quaint and intimate Tourists Hotel is like the roadside lodges you see in films. Except it’s affixed with modernities that elevate nostalgic appeal.


Sun City Camp, Jordan

In Wadi Rum desert there’s the Sun City Camp, which you’ll definitely want to go to if you want to have the closest Mars-like experience on Earth.


CROXX Interchangeable Backpack

The CROXX Interchangeable backpack has a removable back panel for versatility. It lets you transform the pack into a gym or travel bag, or as a commuter pack.


AMABILIS Dave Jr. Tactical Bag

The AMABILIS Dave Jr. Tactical Bag is resistant to rough usage. It uses a combo of waterproof tarpaulin and armor-plated SuperFabric for durability.


Mangotek Anti-Theft Backpack

The Mangotek anti-theft backpack has zippers at the back and not on the front. This bag is waterproof, dustproof, scratchproof and has a built-in USB port.

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