2019 BMW X7

The BMW X7 is like a humongous radiator grille with a car attached to it. Just kidding. But look at that thing, it’s huge!


The Ironwood Chain Smoker

There’s no shortage of incredible custom motorcycle projects throughout the year, but the Ironwood Chain Smoker is a strong contender for one of the best.


All-Wood Bike From The Q

The Q’s latest handiwork, an all-wood bike, is probably one of the most interesting DIY projects we’ve ever seen here at Men’s Gear.

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Top 14 Car Dash Cams

If you want peace of mind when on the road, then why not install a car dash cam and embrace the comfort, security and occasional entertainment that the recording brings.


KIMBLADE Windshield Wiper

The KIMBLADE cleans your car’s windshield without leaving dirt or water marks behind. It uses silicon coated with water repellant.

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