Ramat HaSharon Pavilion House

For most dudes, their home is their castle and today we want to take a look at one of the best modern castles around – the Ramat HaSharon Pavilion House. This modern house was designed by Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studios and while we have no envy at all towards their ability to come up with a catchy business name, we do have envy towards their ability to design amazing homes.


Bourbon Barrel Adirondack Chair

One of the latest creations from Moldovan's workshop is this remarkable and striking Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chair. We think this would look great on the front porch or in your back garden - a place for you to chill and have a cold one on a hot summer's day!


Svartviksvägen House

The whole house is an architectural marvel, suspended and hovering over the cliffside via metal stilts. The exterior shows a fine blend of sophistication and ruggedness: The glass panes evoke sleekness, which then becomes a highlight in contrast with the more unpolished presentation of the rest of the structure.


Hitch Hotel Expandable Wheel-Less Trailer

Hitch Hotel breaks the mold by being the first and only expandable trailer that doesn't rely on wheels. To keep its heft at a minimum, the trailer is constructed out of T6 aluminum and fiberglass. Built-in adjustable struts swing out to keep the camper stable when its drawn out to full length.


Outdoor Cumaru TV Lift Cabinet

The outdoor Cumaru TV Lift Cabinet made from robust cumaru wood which is perfect for withstanding the outdoor element, including the wind and harsh sun.


Quiet and Powerful Q30 Electric Yacht

If you like nothing better than speeding along the river, but don't like the carbon footprint and noise pollution that comes with a traditional powered boat, the Q30 Electric Yacht may just be perfect for you.


The Dreamery by Casper – Exclusive Sleeping Lounge

The Dreamery at 196 Mercer Street in the city that never sleeps, is the brainchild of bed and mattress specialists, Casper. The Dreamery is a special and very magical space where you can go to unwind from a long-haul flight or stress-inducing time spent on the subway.


Bailer Hill House

This property is situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It entails some well-thought-out timber spaces positioned over a hillside. Specifically, sitting on the rocks of an island just off the Washington coast, going by the name of San Juan.


Le Koroc Houseboat

Built by Quebec’s Daigno, Le Koroc is the ultimate houseboat for adventurous fishermen. The floating tiny house measures only 26 x 8.6 ft but it’s full-packed with clever features, providing…

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