The Lighthouse Office

The Lighthouse Office is a quaint little office space designed by Los Angeles studio Knowhow Shop, marked by a bizarrely alluring polygonal exterior.


Apollo Bay Beach House

You never think of a beach house as a permanent residence, but Dock4 Architects’ new take on the summer home essential will probably change your mind.


Tourists Hotel

The quaint and intimate Tourists Hotel is like the roadside lodges you see in films. Except it’s affixed with modernities that elevate nostalgic appeal.


Sun City Camp, Jordan

In Wadi Rum desert there’s the Sun City Camp, which you’ll definitely want to go to if you want to have the closest Mars-like experience on Earth.


Opti Nid Cecile Tiny Cabin

The Opti Nid Cecile cabin is a luxurious tiny home on wheels. It boasts kitchen and dining amenities, bathroom, bedroom, and a sliding roof for stargazing.


The Artery Residence

The Artery Residence, owned by an art collector and his wife, features the couple’s extensive art collection as the basis for the design.

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