Angry Birds 2 Cheats and Tricks: Know your bird, cast a spell

Following the epic success of the first-ever Angry Birds game, which, undoubtedly, has helped propel Apple’s iPad in the top charts during its glorious days — the game’s makers, Rovio Entertainment Ltd., decided to come up with Angry Birds 2.

The sequel, though not necessarily as popular its predecessor, is just as equally entertaining.

Gameplay can be rough, yes, but here’s a list of Angry Birds 2 cheats and tricks that can help players make it through the game.

The Birds

One of the most important things that a player needs to know in order to survive the game is the individual identity of the birds involved in the game.

Why? Because knowing each bird and knowing exactly what they can do can help solve the many problems that you will face in playing Angry Birds 2. Knowing the skills that these fighter birdies have in store will allow you to take advantage of them in difficult situations.

So pay close attention.

This is who they are, and this is what they can do:

Blue: In case you don’t already know, this blue bird works best with knocking over ice blocks without difficulty, and has a special ability that lets it transform into three smaller birds.

Chuck: Chuck’s specialty involves breaking wooden structures. This bird has a special ability that allows it to speed up mid-air — much like a speeding bullet.

Red: Who could ever forget this angry red bird? In Angry Birds 2, this bird is even better. It now comes with the ability to send off a gust of wind that knocks off anything on its way — if you simply tap on the screen while Red is mid-air.

Matilda: As strange as it may sound, Matilda has the ability to lay eggs mid-air — and it gives her the momentum that she needs to go higher, which therefore makes it easier for her to hit her targets.

Terrance: Terrance needs no special ability to knock the enemies out. Being the biggest bird in the game, Terrance can easily knock down pigs without breaking a sweat.

Silver: Be amazed by Silver’s awesome moves: this birdie will twirl like a gymnast and gracefully finish off her routine with a nosedive — if you tap on your screen while she’s mid-air.

Bomb: Unsurprisingly, this bird works exactly like how it’s called. Merely letting it land on structures will cause explosions.


One fun (albeit weird) addition to the Angry Birds sequel is a feature that gives its users the ability to cast spells.

Unlike the special abilities that the birds possess in this game, however, the spells that the users get to use in the game are not unlimited.

It is, therefore, best to use them in times of trouble.

Stuck in a level? No problem. Use a spell and you’re on your way out of there.

Although that’s not really how it works.

But this Angry Birds 2 cheats and tricks will tell you what to do.

Here are some of the spells and what it is exactly that they do:

The Golden Ducks Spell – this spell will give you — well, you’ve guessed it right — Golden Ducks. Use this spell and it will start raining golden ducks from the sky, and they’ll all fall right on top of the structures (and pigs) that you’ve desperately been trying to destroy.

The Frost spell – This spell works best with Blue, as it turns all blocks into ice.

The Hot Chili spell – This spell amazingly turns one of the enemy pigs into a ticking time bomb that’s meant to destroy everything that surrounds it.

The Pig Inflator spell – this spell, as its name suggests, brutally inflates the enemy pigs in your current level, and then they eventually explode — which usually happens as soon as they hit air.

The Mighty Eagle – This spell allows players to throw a can of sardines (don’t ask) up in the air. This summons the Mighty Eagle, which soars and clears everything it sees.

Take note, however, that you can only start unlocking these spells once you reach the 11th level. The next level that comes with an unlockable spell is the 12th level, followed by the 20th, the 31st and the 61st.

Do you know of any more Angry Birds 2 cheats and tricks? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂