Unlike any other SUV the G-class has had the same square look and design since 1979, although some improvements have been made since the last model. Featuring LED daytime running lights, updated exterior mirrors, and a razor grill, the list is short on the outside since Mercedes want to keep there rugged off-road machine as it was first lunched. The 2013 G-class  model comes in a few different configurations. The basic G350 Bluetec powered buy a 3.0 V6 diesel with 211hp and a seven speed transmission which is great on a fuel economy and helps cut down your emission and still great for daily driving. But if you are not so sure on going green and saving the planet you might want to step it up to the AMG class the G65 might be just for you, with a 6.0 litter V12 biTurbo engine that screams 612hp The AMG class has everything you can dream of the only thing you have to worry about is if there’s gas station around the corner. retail ($120,00-$325,000)
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