Gerber Suspension Multitool

This high-quality multitool features a butterfly style stainless steel open-frame handle that reduces weight while providing a pleasant aesthetic and increased grip


Adventure Mate 5-in-1 Camping Tool

Designed and manufactured by Australians for anyone who needs a multitude of rugged camping tools without the bulk, the Adventure Mate 5-in-1 Camping Tool ($149-$169) makes wilderness adventuring much easier.  The…


WOkit 2-0 Carabiner Multi-Tool

WOHO Bike has been crafting urban style bicycle accessories since 2008.  Seeking that balance between functionality and style they use quality materials to make comfort and reliability a core company…


Victorinox SwissTool BS Multitool

120 years ago, the Swiss company Victorinox first created their renown Officer’s and Sports Knife. Known to the world as “the Swiss Army Knife” this multi-functional tool has been the…


BiTool 2.0 Lit

Cycop has just presented a newer, improved version of their popular BiTool Magnetic Multi-tool! This slim multi-bit everyday carry screwdriver device has been given even more functionality. The BiTool 2.0…


SOG Sync I Multitool

Multi-tools are designed to be rugged, versatile, and easily accessible for the quick resolution of many common tasks you may encounter throughout the day.   The new SOG Sync I…


Zombie Tools Traumahawk

Zombie Tools out of Missoula, Montana have just added a new tool that may just help keep you alive through whatever apocalyptic future you may encounter.  They call their first…


Trucker’s Friend

For a handy multi-use tool (zombie-crusher) to keep in your vehicle or as part of your camping kit, the Trucker’s Friend ($72) by US manufacturer Innovation Factory is a sure winner.…


GRIPsher Multi-Tool

Unlike many poorly designed multi-tools much larger than it, the GRIPsher Multi-Tool ($35) has a specific usefulness and purpose.  Carefully thought out as to what tools might actually be needed and used,…


Swiss+Tech 20-in-1 Bike Multitool

Just because there is little room to spare on a bicycle does not mean you won’t need an emergency tool kit.  The secret to being prepared can be found in…


CRKT Guppie Multi-Tool

There’s a bunch of smart multi-tools on the market, but how many do you know that incorporate a fully functioning adjustable wrench?  Well, here’s one: the CRKT Guppie Multi-Tool ($20), probably…


Lil’ Trucker Multi-Tool

Even though some might argue, the stuff that we see on “The Walking Dead” is very unlikely to happen. However, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared… With that in mind,…


SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Ax

A neat credit card than turns into a knife– we’ve seen it before. But this next item is way cooler! So cool that we feel a sudden urge to own…

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