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Getaway Tiny Houses

Getaway is a New York-based company that builds tiny houses, places them in nature and rents them out by the night to stressed out folks looking to escape and rejuvenate.…


Half-Tree House

This award-winning structure is a perfect example that with little money, a bit of ingenuity and plenty of elbow grease you can build an outstanding cabin. 


72h Cabin

Henriksholm (Sweden) is a privately owned island on Lake Ånimmen where the Berger family specializes in housing vacationers since they are close to Lake Vänern and the Sörknatten Nature Preserve.…


Allwood Kit Cabins

For the enthusiastic Do-it-yourselfer or just weekend carpenter, the Allwood Kit Cabins ($4,390+) provide a way to quickly and easily erect extra outbuildings with simple tools.  Allwood has numerous cabin designs ranging…


Style Guide: Cabin Weekend

Getting ready for a weekend in the bush? Here’s what you need to wear… Woolrich Yankee Boots ($280) Selvedge Denim Pant ($150) Yosemite Shirt ($125) Reversible Bivy Down Vest ($190) Timex Waterbury Chronograph ($125) 8 oz…

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