Zippelin Travel Bag

The sturdy, waterproof and Earth-friendly Zippelin is the world's first inflatable rolling travel bag. It packs down to a shoe box size


Yeti Panga Duffel

When Texas outdoor lifestyle manufacturer Yeti finally got around to making a duffel bag they would go all out to make it as strong, durable, and useful as their previous…


Arcido Carry-on Bag

When travelling, we’re all for keeping it simple and using just a backpack.  But not all backpacks are designed to handle airport shenanigans, and certainly most of them will only…


Modobag Motorized Luggage

While it might seem as another product that contributes to obesity and laziness, the Modobag Motorized Luggage ($995) is a godsend for those with walking problems, for quick flight changes,…


Aurum Brothers Luxury Bracelets

Stylish, great quality bracelets shouldn’t be crazy expensive.  That is what Netherlands-based Aurum Brothers are stating with their Men’s Luxury Bracelets ($89+)*, and judging by the positive reviews so far, they’re making…


The AMPL Smartbag

Backpacks that can charge your devices have been made in the past, but nothing quite as advanced as this one. Say hello to the world’s most intelligent bag: The AMPL…

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