UST ParaHatchet Pro

With an 80-year experience of making solid survival and camping equipment, Florida-based UST Brands know their craft. Their latest piece of gear is a must-have multi-tool companion for anyone who is into backpacking, hunting, or…


HVRNT Custom Axes & Knives

Zak Fellman and Alyson Ogren love to create stuff. Naming their company ‘HVRNT’ as a title of pride derived from the French word ‘hivernant’ (winterer), used by historic fur traders…


Barebones Pulaski Axe

The new Barebones Pulaski Axe ($135) is as beautiful as it is effective.  Originally invented by Forest Service Ranger Ed Pulaski for use fighting forest fires, the axe provides an efficient…


Zombie Tools Traumahawk

Zombie Tools out of Missoula, Montana have just added a new tool that may just help keep you alive through whatever apocalyptic future you may encounter.  They call their first…

Holiday 2017


Trucker’s Friend

For a handy multi-use tool (zombie-crusher) to keep in your vehicle or as part of your camping kit, the Trucker’s Friend ($72) by US manufacturer Innovation Factory is a sure winner.…


Hogue EX-T01 Tomahawk

Any dedicated camper or survivalist knows that a good cutting ax is essential to success.  Now Hogue Knives, in collaboration with custom knife designer Allen Elishewitz, have crafted the Hogue…


Tops VI Ax

The ubiquitous hand ax, sometimes mistakenly referred to as a hatchet, has been essential outdoor gear for many centuries.  From clearing a camping area to splintering firewood to, in a…


Spyderco SzaboHawk H01 Tomahawk

If you’re looking for a chopping or throwing axe, don’t buy the Spyderco SzaboHawk H01 Tomahawk  ($206)!  This isn’t any of those.  This is strictly a weapon, meant for close combat and…


SOG Voodoo Mini Tomahawk

Perfect for your hiking or camping adventures, the SOG Voodoo Mini Tomahawk ($36) is a light and super-portable axe, yet sturdy enough for serious jobs. This satin-finished handsome tool has a length…


Unna Aksu Hunting Axe

Whether you use it for camping, to hunt game, or to chop wood at the fireplace, the Unna Aksu Hunting Axe ($215) is a solid tool that’ll last you a lifetime.  It…



If you’ve ever chopped firewood before, you know how energy expending and dangerous it can be – getting your axe stuck in a stubborn log stinks!  Luckily, a Finnish lumberjack…

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