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Casio PRO TREK PRG650Y-1 Watch

Casio expands its rugged and versatile PRO TREK line of outdoor timepieces with the PRG650Y-1 which boasts Triple Sensor Version 3 Technology, Tough Solar Power, and more


Rezvani Tank SUV

This military-inspired behemoth packs a 6.4L Hemi V8 with 500-hp & 430 lb.ft. of torque, and optional bulletproof glass, ballistic armor, FLIR thermal night vision, and Kevlar protection


Gerber Suspension Multitool

This high-quality multitool features a butterfly style stainless steel open-frame handle that reduces weight while providing a pleasant aesthetic and increased grip


Delfast E-Bike

Offering a massive 236 miles per charge, the Delfast is a true game-changer in the e-bike arena


Carter Neck Knives

These gorgeous blades have a carbon-steel core that has been overlain with 30 layers of alternating high tensile strength steel and pure nickel


GoPro Fusion

GoPro raises the bar once again in the action cam field, with the Fusion that captures different perspectives, creating full 360° panoramic video - at 5.2K and 30fps

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