Aston Martin Valkyrie Hypercar

Aston Martin has its heart set on making the most powerful street legal hypercar in the world.  To fuel this dream, they have teamed with the F1 Red Bull Racing team to design and develop the Aston Martin Valkyrie ($TBA).  With initial delivery stated for 2019, the super vehicle is not yet complete but is coming along well.

The Valkyrie is a hybrid, pairing a 6.5-liter V12 engine to an electric powertrain supplied by Rimac.  This will be producing over 1,000 hp controlled through a unique new 7-speed paddle-shift transmission.  Alcon and Surface Transforms have developed a braking system using lightweight calipers and carbon discs to rein in that much power.

The carbon fiber body has a number of downforce features including full-length Venturi tunnels and other openings to keep the Valkyrie firmly on the ground.  There will only be 125 made plus the prototypes and 25 units made for track racing only.  Regrettably for latecomers, it is reported that all the projected Valkyries have already been purchased.  Oh, well, maybe with the next batch we’ll be more lucky…