Bubble Tent

Bubble Tent

Exhibitionists rejoice!  You can now enjoy camping and all of nature without the annoying distraction of some tent fabric in the way.  The Bubble Tent ($1,140) is your transparent outdoor shelter, rugged enough for any season.

Made of strong PVC tarpaulin with double stitching, this portable dome is water-proof and fire-retardant, also bearing high and low temperatures.  It features a blower that keeps it inflated, so it’s easy to set up and take down for storing and transportation.  With a 13 foot diameter, you’ll have plenty of space to move around and even decorate with small furniture.

Set this baby up in the forest, on grasslands, by the sea or even in your garden, so you and your family can savor the great outdoors with full clarity.  The Bubble Tent comes with a storage bag, repair kit, and optional lighting and heating systems, in case you get so attached to it that you’ll never wish to leave.

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