When details of the KOOK Osteria & Pizzeria first landed on my desk, I thought what sat before me was the latest stunning home to review. The beauty, attention to detail, and obvious expense in this place led me to believe that only someone who was creating this for their own living space would go to this much effort.
Of course, I was wrong as KOOK Osteria & Pizzeria is what it says, a pizzeria. Not just any old pizza joint thought. This is a hip new eatery that has been opened just north of the historic heart of Rome and we have to say this may well be the best looking restaurant we have ever seen. We always think it is a brave statement to have white walls in a restaurant, but doing so shows that your eatery is the real deal, clean, classy, and worth visiting.
Those elegant white walls and light floor boards give way to old world style furnishings that would evoke a Victorian gentleman’s club if it was not for the modern surroundings. However, one look at KOOK Osteria & Pizzeria draws you to that centerpiece olive tree that has been encased in paneled glass walls; certainly a stunning talking piece.
With an indoor and outdoor area, great food, and great wine, we can see why KOOK Osteria & Pizzeria has become an instant sensation.